Modern clothing for toddlers

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Why we are gender-neutral

Why we are gender-neutral

It all begins with clothing: When we assign genders to colors, we are subconsciously assigning roles to our children. If we start telling kids what they can or can’t wear then they start thinking that their gender has limits. 

Choosing a gender-neutral wardrobe for our little ones discourages imposed stereotypes that negatively impact development and, above all, encourages curiosity, imagination and freedom of expression.

At Maxence The Brand

At Maxence The Brand

Our clothes are gender-neutral, practical and enjoyable.

Gender-neutral means clothing that is designed for functional movement and equal play.

Practical means that it’s easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy to store.

Enjoyable means colorful and comfortable.

Our Values

Our Values

Equality: Babies have limitless potential. That's why we've created clothing that gives them a clean slate and lets them decide who they are and want to be.

Functionality: We wear the clothes; they don't wear us. Our clothing is devoid of traditional colors and patterns, as opposed to some traditional clothing that can restrict movement. This ensures that everyone can play actively and allow their true selves to unfold.

Comfort: Having room to move around offers freedom of experience and exploration, which highlights important values like creativity and individuality.

Founder story

Founder story

When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, I was so excited to start buying all kinds of cute baby clothes for him. After visiting a few stores, however, I started noticing a trend: most of the boys’ clothing was darker, and blue-er while girl clothing tended to be fluffier and pinker. And no matter where I looked, I was overshadowed by traditional gender stereotypes. 

This is where the idea to start Maxence The Brand came from. I wanted my son to be able to wear every and any color. I wanted him to discover his likes and dislikes on his own. And most importantly, I wanted him to be curious and have a big imagination.

It all starts with clothing: one of the first things that we impose on babies and kids.

This line is for little ones, but it’s also for the conscious parent who wants to pass on an open mind and endless possibilities to their child. 

Your little one will thank you for being here.

Adriana Espinosa