Red Apple Corduroy Jacket


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This ultra-soft, long-sleeve jacket is made from pure corduroy fabric and is 100% cotton. It features a classic collar, easy button closure in the front, and two pockets on each side. This is a must-have staple in the closet as corduroy is never out of style and it provides the perfect transitional element for colder weather. Its spaciousness and relaxed fit allows it to be layered with more clothing underneath.

Material: Pure corduroy fabric, 100% cotton

Color: Red Apple

Care instructions: Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Tumble dry

Maxenxe The Brand - Clothing as unique as your toddler

Clothing as unique as your toddler

At Maxence The Brand, we believe that toddler clothing needs to be practical, affordable and enjoyable.

Practical means gender-neutral, resistant clothing that’s easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy to store.

Affordable means reasonably priced and straightforward. We aren’t selling you a made up story with expensive branding.

Enjoyable means colorful and comfortable, made for moving around in.

Each collection is stock-limited so your little one won’t be dressed like everyone else.

All orders ship quickly and we provide live support along the way.

Practical, Affordable and Enjoyable: We’re on your side.

Sizes 0-4T.